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Joshua Muir

Joshua Muir

My name is Joshua Muir and am an aspiring and passionate photographer. I am from Milton Vermont, but currently go to college at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. I started my photography career at a very young age when I found my first digital camera in a box at the end of a neighbor’s driveway. Ever since I found that camera I have had a passion for taking photos and showing people the beauty of the world through my photos.

I currently take my photos using a Nikon D3300 and basic lens filters. I have been slowly expanding my gear with adding a kit of lens filters and a few other add-on's to my collection. As for the types of photography I like to do, it is very broad and open right now. I am trying to do lots of different types and styles of photographing while trying to figure out my true passion and style. I love to take landscapes, sports photography, and portraits of pets and animals. But as I have said I am just starting out and hope to soon find my true calling and style of work.

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