Winter Activities

Winter Activities Overview

Contrary to what you might think, Vermont State Parks stay open for use all year long. Parks are great places to go for skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, sledding, fat biking, snowmobiling and more.

There are no fees during the off-season, and staff, restrooms and drinking water are also unavailable.

Winter Use Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to make your trip more enjoyable:

  • Please park only in a manner that allows access by others and please drive only on established roadways or parking areas.
  • Water supply, restroom or refuse removal services or facilities are closed for the season.
  • Leave No Trace: Carry in/ carry out
  • Have a plan. Snow plowing arrangements vary by location. Be prepared to dig yourselves out in the event of inclement weather.
  • While hunting is not permitted in developed recreation areas like state parks during the regular operating season, hunting is allowed on most state lands in the parks off-season.
  • Access is free of charge.
  • Park staff are only present sporadically during the off season. We invite you to be our "eyes and ears" by please reporting to anything you notice or discover amiss or out of the ordinary (vandalism, break-ins, inappropriate facility use, etc.).

Off-season Access and Parking


Alburgh Dunes State Park: West gate (Coon Point entrance) is open beginning in October; East and center gates open for VAST trail during mobile season; East gate (Poor Farm entrance) opens for ice-fishing access.

Grand Isle State Park: Open through town road but gate is closed at Rt. 2; Plowed to boat launch for ice fishing access.

Kamp Kill Kare State Park: Gate is open and road is plowed to parking lot. Port-a-let toilets available during ice fishing season.

Knight Point State Park: Gate is open and access is plowed to maintenance shop area; Partial plowed parking for ice fishing and trail access. Port-a-let onsite.

Lake Carmi State Park: Gate is open and one bathroom opens early to accommodate walleye fishing; Plowed to boat launch area for ice fishing access. Campground access road is part of a VAST trail.

Niquette Bay State Park: Gate is open. Entrance and parking lot plowed; Port-a-lets are provided in parking lot.

North Hero State Park: Gate is closed after hunting season; parking area by gate will be maintained.

Sand Bar State Park: Gate is open; parking lot is plowed and port-a-lets are provided.

Underhill State Park: Gate remains open until first snow. Thereafter, road is plowed to within one mile of the gate; turn-around and some parking space provided.


Brighton State Park: Open for deer and moose hunting, then the gate is closed; a VAST trail connects with the park through the beach area.

Crystal Lake State Park: Gate is open and is plowed around the contact station.

Elmore State Park: Lower access is open and plowed for events by organizers; park is open for deer season.

Green River Reservoir State Park: Upper parking is plowed.

Kettle Pond State Park: Plowed parking.

Little River State Park: Gate is open from November 1 through muzzle loading season.

Maidstone State Park: Gate is open for VAST trail; day use parking is open and plowed for ice fishing access.

New Discovery State Park: Parking area is plowed. Park is open for deer season.

Seyon Lodge State Park: Park is open

Smugglers' Notch State Park: Park gate is closed but Ski Dorm lot is open for Stone Hut visitors.

Groton Nature Center: Plowed parking.

Groton Overlook: Plowed parking.

Northern Parking Area in Groton: Plowed parking.


Bomoseen State Park: Fishing access is plowed throughout the winter.

Branbury State Park: Fishing access is plowed throughout the winter; Port-a-lets are provided.

Button Bay State Park: Fishing access is plowed throughout the winter

Emerald Lake State Park: Plowed to maintenance shop

Lake St. Catherine State Park: Fishing access is plowed throughout the winter; Port-a-lets are provided.

Mt. Philo State Park: Plowed parking in winter; Port-a-lets are provided.

Woodford State Park: Plowed parking is available on Route 9 across from park for ski and snowmobile access.


Allis State Park: Access either from the gate at the end of State Park Road or from the intersection of State Park Road and Rt 66 if State Park Rd is not plowed.

Camp Plymouth State Park: Plowed parking available just south of park entrance, port-a-let onsite.

Coolidge State Park: Plowed parking is VAST parking lot on Ranger's Road .4 miles from intersection of Coolidge State Park Road and Route 100A.

Fort Dummer State Park: Access at the main gate. Please do not block the snow plow turnaround or the gate.

Gifford Woods State Park: Access open through off season access at maintenance shop, 575 VT Rt. 100.

Jamaica State Park: Plowed parking, port-a-let onsite.

Mt. Ascutney State Park: Brownsville, Windsor and Weathersfield trailheads are plowed; parking for campground access is provided from a plowed pull-off just outside the entrance.

Quechee State Park: Access and parking is available at the Quechee Gorge Visitor Center.

Wilgus State Park: Park gate is locked. Do not block the gate or entrance. Parking available .1 mile south on the opposite side of Route 5.

Snowmobiles and ATV's

ATVs are only permitted on frozen bodies of public water.

Snowmobiles must be registered and display a valid TMA (Trail Maintenance Assessment) decal to operate on the VAST (Vermont Association of Snow Travelers) trails network, unless operated solely on frozen bodies of public water.  Snowmobile operators must carry liability insurance.  Off-VAST snowmobile operation in state parks is permitted only on non-plowed roadways and on frozen bodies of public water.  See for more info.

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