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Employment Overview

Vermont State Parks is a great place to work! You'll work in beautiful places with great people. Like our campers, many staff have been coming back every year, but each year approximately a third of our staff will be new hires.

Our season generally runs from early May through mid-September or October. Most frequently, new hires will begin as park attendants and work their way up to Assistant Ranger or Ranger positions.

We don't require law enforcement experience or a heavy-duty maintenance background, but we do require a great attitude, excellent communication and customer service skills and a fantastic work ethic.

It is our policy as part of hiring procedures to conduct thorough background checks annually on all employees and volunteers regardless of prior employment or volunteer status with the Parks Division. These background checks will include a full national, state and local background check for each finalist. Certain types of offenses may disqualify an applicant from consideration.

We usually begin recruiting around the first of January each year. Hope you will join us!

Job Openings

Seasonal Lifeguard - Button Bay State Park (PG 10 - $11.38/hour)

Two openings. Responsible for day to day lifeguard duties at the in-ground pool as well as routine grounds, facility and equipment maintenance. In addition to being part of the park emergency team, other work may include raking and removing litter from picnic areas and campsites; mowing and trimming lawns; giving visitor information and assistance; visitor registration; assisting with accident investigation; and assisting with rules and regulation compliance. Housing may be provided. CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard Certification required. Positions run through mid-September.

Park Attendant I (Woodford, Emerald Lake, Jamaica, Molly Stark, Wilgus, Coolidge, Camp Plymouth, Gifford Woods State Parks) (PG 8 - $10.44/hour)

Customer service, general buildings and grounds cleanup and/or park office duties such as fee collection and reservations with increasing responsibility for level II and Lead Attendant. Lead Attendant may also assist with staff supervision. Experience desirable especially for the upper levels. Working in excess of 48 hours may be required for the Lead Attendant. Weekend work may be required.

Park Manager & Assistant Park Manager (Emerald Lake State Park)
Park Manager IV (PG 18 - $16.98/hour)
Assistant Manager B (PG 14 - $13.91/hour)

Serves as summer park manager or assistant manager responsible for customer experience and supervision of staff and park operations at a specific park. Manager pay grades depend on size of park, complexity of operations and attendance. Previous experience in park operations and maintenance, or college education in park management preferred, but technical maintenance skills not required. Basic First Aid & CPR certification required. Working in excess of 48 hours per week required at times. Weekend and evening work required.

Park Interpreter (PG 11 - $11.85/hour)

Serves as a summer naturalist at one or two State Parks. Responsible for developing, scheduling and carrying out nature programs, hikes, recreation programs, etc. Prior related education and experience necessary. Requires working split shift schedules. Basic First Aid & CPR certification required. Weekend and evening work required.

Parks Maintenance Worker (PG 10 - $11.38/hour; PG 15 - $14.25/hour)

Skilled maintenance work at or above the journeyman level of difficulty and responsibility in construction, structural maintenance and repair of park facilities, buildings, grounds, small equipment and utilities. The duties include performing routine maintenance and repair work in an independent park setting on a project by project basis. To perform duties, the use of a variety of construction and mechanic tools, small equipment and vehicles is typical. A background in carpentry, plumbing and/or small equipment repair is a plus. Position is in Northeast VT with workstation at the Groton Maintenance Shop, Marshfield, VT. Apply to “Groton Maintenance Shop” in the Park Preferences section in the online portal.

How to Apply

Hiring begins annually after the first of the year. The vast majority of positions are filled by late spring, with some supplemental hiring and backfilling of vacant positions as needed throughout the season. Hiring is concluded by the time the park season starts winding down in September.

You will be prompted to create an account with a user name and password. Please remember these! You will need them to update your application or to apply in future seasons.

Begin the Application Process

Paper Applications

If you are unable to submit an electronic application, you may request a paper copy of the seasonal employment application that you must fill out and mail back.

To request a paper application, please contact one of the offices below:

Internship Opportunities

Interning with Vermont State Parks is a great way to gain on-the-job experience and a give back to the community.

Photography & Videography Internships

Travel to Vermont State Parks, take digital photographs or videos of parks, campsites, visitors, recreational activities and more!

You set your schedule and what part of the state you want to cover. Minimum participation is 20 photography hours between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

This is an unpaid internship, but we can offer you perks such as free camping, day passes, and park merchandise. And besides, you'll be helping out Vermont Parks. You must provide your own camera equipment and transportation. A background check is required. This internship can be tied to an academic internship if desired. To apply please send resume, letter of interest and samples of your work to rochelle.skinner@vermont.gov.

Do you have an internship idea? If you have an internship idea that you'd like to pursue that would benefit both yourself and the parks system -- pitch it to us! We'd be happy to consider it. Email rochelle.skinner@vermont.gov.

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