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Bob Ricketson

Bob Ricketson

Bob Ricketson has lived in the Mid-Hudson Valley all his life and currently resides in Coxsackie, NY. His first experience with the creative process of photography was as an early teen, when his father showed him how to develop a roll of film. This was before daylight developing tanks for film were available. Actually, the chemicals were in bowls and the film was see-sawed in each chemical until the process was completed. Bob loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, kayaking and camping and brings his camera along whenever possible. Hiking the Long Trail and sections of the Appalachian Trail, along with the 4000 foot peaks in the northeast are some of his goals.

Bob has exhibited his photography in many solo and group shows throughout the region. Being a member of a number of local camera clubs, he gets to improve photography by entering competitions and sharing experiences with fellow photographers at the meetings. Bob is looking forward to exploring more of Vermont and its parks as a photography intern this summer. For more info and to see his portfolio, check out his website.

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