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Morgan Quimby

Morgan Quimby

My name is Morgan Quimby and I am a college student currently studying at the Community College of Vermont in Winooski. I have had a serious passion for photography since I took part in the shutterbug club in 8th grade. The leader of the club, Dave Goss, was my mentor who really encouraged me and helped me realize my love for capturing the beauty of nature. My mother had a love for photography since she was my age and she helped me develop my eye and learn the rules of composition. Now we travel around Vermont on photography adventures together, learning from one another all the time. I love capturing the beauty of our Earth's creatures and beautiful landscapes, and sharing them with others. Photography has really taught me patience! My favorite subject to photograph is birds. I will sit outside for a couple hours on a weekend, just to get a couple keeper shots of a robin feeding a young fledgling on a hot summer day, or a chickadee grabbing some seeds from the feeder on a chilly winter day. I hope to combine my love of animals and nature with my passion for photography into a career after college.

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