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Vermont State Parks' Top Five Parks for Remote Camping

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all: no computers, cell phones, tv's or other distractions. Sometimes you want a little adventure, to get off the beaten path and explore an area you've never been to. A remote camp site may be just the ticket for a weekend adventure or a week of R & R in the solitude and beauty of Vermont.

Remote camping isn't for everyone. At these sites there are usually pit toilets, no running water and you will not be able to drive into these sites. You will need to hike or paddle in - and out - all of your gear, supplies and trash.

But for those who are up to the challenge, the beauty and serenity of these sites are more than worth the effort and inconveniences.

Here are our picks for some of our favorite remote camping locations:

Green River Reservoir State Park, Hyde Park
Kettle Pond State Park, Groton
Osmore Pond/New Discovery, Groton


Knight Island State Park, St. Albans Bay
Woods Island State Park, St. Albans Bay
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