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Remote Camping


Limited facilities

Remote sites differ from primitive camping in that the sites can be reserved and are located in designated areas. They may have a lean-to or space for a tent, a fireplace or fire ring, or picnic tables. Sanitary facilities are minimal and there is no potable water supply.

Remote sites offer great privacy, but it also means you have to paddle or hike with your gear and trash. Do not bring anything you are not prepared to carry in and carry out.

Each remote site has a designated occupancy based on the characteristics of each site. A reservation is generally required. Some sites may be available on a first come, first served basis.

Please call the specific park for details.

Where to Go

Osmore Pond (New Discovery State Park)
Located within the 26,000 acre Groton State Forest, Osmore Pond is a 48-acre undeveloped, no-motors-permitted pond, accessible through New Discovery State Park. There are 4 remote lean-to sites, each with a fireplace and picnic table. They are accessible by hiking or boating, and for those without a boat, rowboats or canoes are available by the hour or with a “boat-to-remote” package deal.  Hiking trails through Groton Forest are right outside your “door”, and include trails to Big Deer, Little Deer, Hosmore Brook and Coldwater Brook.  Reservations are made through New Discovery State Park

Kettle Pond State Park
Also located in the Groton Forest, Kettle Pond is a 109-acre undeveloped pond with five remote lean-to sites and one tent site. These sites are accessible by hiking, or portaging your car top boat to a small dock at the waters edge, then paddling to your site.  Kettle Pond also has a group campground located on the southeastern shore.  There are a multitude of nearby trails and several lakes nearby.

Green River Reservoir State Park
Near Morrisville, Green River offers 27 tent sites along 19 miles of undeveloped shoreline.  Access is by car top boat only.  Green River is designated as a “quiet” lake.  Internal combustion motors are prohibited.       

Burton Island State Park
In addition to a developed campground, Burton Island, on St. Albans Bay on Lake Champlain has 4 remote tent sites on the south side of the island, away from the developed camping area, office and park store. Access is by boat only.

Knight Island State Park
Also on Lake Champlain in St. Albans Bay, Knight Island has long been a favorite for those looking to get away from it all.  Accessible only by boat, Knight Island has 1 tent site and 6 lean-tos, all very secluded.

Woods Island State Park
Approximately 2.5 miles from Burton Island, Woods Island has 5 secluded tent sites around the island.

There are also a number of remote sites scattered along the Lake Champlain Paddlers Trail  You must be a member of the Paddlers Trail and pay the appropriate State Park fees to camp. 


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