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Photographer Matt Parsons
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Matt Parsons

About Matt Parsons

Matt was born and raised in Northwestern Vermont. His father was a construction worker and helped maintain the equipment that built many of our states highways. During the summer months his mother would be ready at a moment's notice to follow his dad and have the camper prepared for camping. Matt was fortunate at a very young age to see many of Vermont's splendors; most of which are found in our state parks. Most of his favorite childhood memories are of visits to Vermont's State Parks. These visits have given him a love and appreciation for our state and it's natural resources that he can't seem to shake.

In a time that most states are closing down their state parks, Vermont's continue to improve and prosper. Matt says he is proud to live in a state that recognizes the importance of it natural resources and their desire to promote it in healthy and efficient way.

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